Apple sues HTC over iPhone Patent Infringements

It would appear that the trend of suing another smartphone manufacturer over patent infringement is continuing. We have already seen an abundance of law suits being files over alleged patent infringements with Nokia, Kodak, Apple, Motorola, and BlackBerry in the past months.

Now according to an article over on market watch, Apple has now filed a lawsuit against the Taiwan smartphone manufacturer HTC and citing 20 infringements of Apple patents which are related to the iconic iPhone.

Apparently the Apple lawsuit was filed in the US District Court in Delaware and concurrently with the US International Trade Commission.

That’s just about all the information available at the moment, no word as yet on just what iPhone patents HTC is alleged to have infringed upon, and no response so far from HTC. But it does go to show that taking the law route seems to be the course of the year with most smartphone makers these days; more as and when we hear.

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