iPhone 3G Jailbreak and Unlock, would you use software?

There appears to be a new iPhone 3G Jailbreak Unlock solution available in the form of software, which according to the article over on collegeotr is easy to use to unlock iPhone 3G 3.1.2 with iPhone 3G Unlock software.

iPhone 3G Unlock is a software program which will enable the iPhone owner to break away from the restrictions of mobile contracts and thus save cash, and will not only save you cash on those monthly bills but also stop you from being charged for many iPhone apps.

iPhone 3G Unlock also includes Cydia which is a software app for the iPhone operating system that enables the user to browse and download apps for jailbroken iPhones.

Apparently the user needs no technical knowledge and iPhone 3G Unlock software will leave two new apps on the handset, Cydia and installer which are basically “App Stores” for 3rd-party applications.

So would you go for this iPhone 3G Jailbreak and Unlock, would you use this software? Or would you stick with more well known conventional means to jailbreak and unlock the iPhone 3G? If you do use this software feel free to drop us a comment on how your get along.

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