New Naming Structure goes official with Nokia

With the announcement of the new Nokia C5, Nokia has now confirmed their new naming structure with 4 series of Nokia handsets, the Nokia Cseries, Nokia Eseries, Nokia Xseries, and Nokia Nseries, reports an article over on Nokia Conversations.

As you are probably aware the Eseries and Nseries have been around for quite a while and since last year at Nokia World we have become used to the Xseries and now with the latest addition of the Nokia Cseries with the Nokia C5, Nokia have completed their new naming set.

Furthermore within each Nokia series of handsets there are a range of numbers from one up to nine with each number signifying the range of functionality offered by the mobile phone and of course the approximate pricing with one being the lowest and nine being the top end.

The new Nokia mobile phone names are meant to make it easier for users enabling them to quickly and easily work out just where a mobile phone sits within a given Nokia series along with a clearer idea on what each series has to offer.

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