Apple HTC Android Suit First of Many Says Analyst

The big news in the mobile phone world at the moment seems to be Apple suing HTC over 20 iPhone patent infringements and has associated said infringements with the Android operating system.

According to an article over on the BBC, Forrester Research analyst, Ian Fogg has stated that Apple’s suit against HTC could be the first of many, and Fogg told BBC News that just because Apple has focus on HTC doesn’t mean the iPhone maker will not take action against other manufacturers later.

So far, Google hasn’t been dragged into Apple’s suit against HTC, but Google has said that although they are not part of Apple’s action, they stand behind their Android operating system and its partners that have helped develop it.

Kaufman Bros analyst, Shaw Wu has told Reuters “I think this is a kind of an indirect lawsuit against Google.” Others have said that Apple is attacking Google by “proxy” with filing this suit against HTC.

The legal wrangling will continue no doubt, and one does have to wonder if Apple is suing because of the Android operating system just when Google will be dragged in to the fray.

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