iPhone 4G 2010 artists photo impression

Much rumour and speculation is doing the rounds on the internet recently over the next iPhone offering to come out of Apple, the iPhone 4G as it is being referred to by many. So obviously the next step in the iPhone 4G guessing game is to come up with a concept of what the iPhone 4G may look like.

Thus we have for you today an artist’s photo impression of what they feel the iPhone 4G 2010 may or should look like, courtesy of the guys over at mobile crunch.

Obviously this is simply one guy’s interpretation of what he would like the iPhone 4G 2010 to look like and of course isn’t anything based of any factual confirmed knowledge by way of the fruity iPhone maker.

Still it does offer an insight into what at least one artist is thinking when it comes to the iPhone 4G 2010 including front and rear cameras with built in flash, a micoSD slot and several colourful renditions, yes well we can all dream can’t we.

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