New O2 Apple iPhone tariffs including £25 a month plan

Here in the United Kingdom it looks like O2 isn’t giving up on the iPhone now that it has lost its exclusivity over the iconic smartphone, as O2 is to push out 2 new iPhone tariffs with a price point of £25 a month based on a 2 year agreement, which will deliver to the user unlimited texts and 100 minutes.

According to the article over on mobilenewscwp, the iconic iPhone is also expected to be a part of O2’s Simplicity SIM only plan for the first time, although with this plan the iPhone will cost the user its full price and the word is O2 is to drop free unlimited bolt-on deals.

Apparently O2 has also removed “inclusive picture messaging” from its text bundles along with International texting as well, and O2 will charge customers that call their voicemail outside their minute bundle at 10p per minute.

The removal of O2’s free bolt-on may put O2 at a disadvantage with rival operators such as Orange and Vodafone, while “staff” say that BlackBerry along with other data centric smartphone will probably suffer the most as customers will be required to pay £5 for standard data or £7.50 for BlackBerry data.


2 thoughts on “New O2 Apple iPhone tariffs including £25 a month plan”

  1. tony says:

    you will probably end up paying the same as a £35/m contract due to the price of the phone, or the savings will be minimal. Plus 100minutes is nothing for most people.

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