SIM Free HTC Desire Up For Pre-order in UK?

It’s a few more weeks before the HTC Desire officially becomes available in the United Kingdom; however it appears that this doesn’t stop you from pre-ordering the HTC Desire as a SIM free smartphone before the handset even hit the UK.

According to an article over on itproportal, the Nexus One twin, the HTC Desire can be pre-ordered from Prepaymania, a Pay As You Go mobile specialist, and the HTC Desire will be SIM free and command a price tag of some £374 including delivery.

With that HTC Desire price sitting at £374 it looks as if the smartphone has been discounted even before hitting UK shores, and is cheaper than the imported Nexus One which costs when you slap on the VAT, £452.58.

The article also states that the HTC Desire is also available with Amazon commanding a hefty price tag of £529 and with Play which is asking £430 for the HTC Desire…so which would you plump for?


One thought on “SIM Free HTC Desire Up For Pre-order in UK?”

  1. DIZ says:

    I was really excited reading this article,… had my card out ready to place a pr-order from prepaymania!!!…. But having googled “prepaymania reviews” ,… I have now decided against it.

    Everyone do your research before placing an order.

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