Wireless Industry Grew by 5.9 Million Subs in Q4 09

Apparently approximately 5.9 million new subscribers came aboard wireless in Q4 of 2009 making wireless industry growth the largest it’s been in 3 years according to a report by Wireless Intelligence, reports an article over on electronista.

The lions share of that subscriber growth when to both Verizon Wireless and rival AT&T sharing a figure of some 4.9 million new subscribers. The iconic iPhone is credited for AT&T subscriber growth while the Motorola Droid gets credit for the Verizon growth.

The Big Red ended the quarter with a whopping 91.2 million subscribers, gaining an additional 2.2 million over the previous quarter while AT&T claims an additional 2.7 million subscribers bring their total to 85.1 million.

Verizon’s addition 2.2 million is the largest number of additional subscribers since Q3 of 08, Sprint however, still lost subscribers in Q4 dropping some 148,000 and has show negative growth for the past 3 years. T-mobile is also losing with the loss of about 77,000 subscribers.

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