HTC Magic vanishes from Vodafone UK lineup

Vodafone UK the wireless carrier have removed the HTC Magic from its lineup some would say a move which is rather intriguing. Especially when you take into consideration what other carriers over the world are planning.

The information has been posted by the guys over at softpedia.com, the strange thing is whilst Vodafone UK have stopped selling the device which happens to be the second Android mobile device phone in the world, T Mobile in the United States and also Rogers in Canada are still advertising the device showing that it still has some potential.

A Vodafone spokesperson has said that the HTC Magic is now end of life and we don’t have stock of the phone. Rogers in Canada are now offering it’s customers the option or possibility to upgrade from the HTC Dream to the HTC Magic.

And not only that Roger’s have also announced that they plan to deliver the Android 2.1 update to all Magic owners on its airwaves. We do know though that Vodafone is preparing to release new Android devices from HTC including the Desire and also the Legend.


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