What is Canada’s Worst Mobile Phone Bill?

Ever wondered which mobile phone carrier gives the worst mobile phone bill, or maybe how much it costs the customer and just how little it costs the carrier? Well this investigation is set in Canada and CBC decided it was about time they found out the truth of the matter.

So over the course of several months they collected the mobile phone bills along with stories from Canadian mobile phone users, and whittled the bills down to a few finalists with 1000 Canadians of 18 and over voting online for the story which delivers the frustration of a customer.

The investigation takes in all major Canadian carriers, so that’s Rogers Wireless, Telus , Bell, Fido, Virgin Mobile, Solo Mobile and covers Canada from coast to coast with mobile phone bills being reports as $1600, $3196, and even $6000.

It also takes in carrier customer service, and shows that with some, unlimited texts doesn’t actually mean unlimited. We even learn about the rue cost of a mobile phone service from an expert in wireless tech who testified before the US senate on the true cost of a mobile service.

Want to know more? Well there is a 22.25 minute video available over on CBC which is somewhat enlightening to say the least, so I suggest you check it out, and if this is happening in Canada, what about other countries?


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