Android 2.1 DROID Update aka ESE53: Live Wallpapers

Thanks to the Android 2.1 update, the Motorola Droid is officially getting live wallpapers. Therefore, there is a little reason to start smiling again.

The official DROID ROM codename ESE53 is a Moto build and is a lot faster than the previous DROID 2.1 ROM, and does come with Live Wallpapers. Below is a video that shows all in action.

Droid seems to be going places and with this new addition of retooling Live Wallpapers it means real animated wallpaper that the popular HTC Nexus One has, the reason the Droid did not have this before is because the processor was nowhere near as powerful as the Nexus One’s 1GHz Snapdragon chip.

Therefore, the new version of 2.1 OS has now been built aka ESE53 that features live wallpapers and includes Google Maps 4.0 featuring Google Buzz and a few other bits, please read more about it via Phone Arena and GadgetSteria


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