Apple iPad Commercial Video shown at Oscars, still a giant iPhone

The first ever Apple iPad commercial shown during the Oscars yesterday is not anything special, if you ask me it is still a giant iPhone but without the phone, oops does that mean it is basically the iPod Touch then.

Anyway, not to beat around the bush with boring details you can watch the Apple iPad commercial below, psst just so you know we will probably get the Apple iPad just to see how it all works in reality.

Fay Observer writer Melissa Garcia says she is an iPad hater because it will not be as good as it should be, in one way we agree with her but then in another way we do not. Yes, it is the same as the iPod Touch but bigger, if you can explain to us what is so good about this device then that would make us smile.

Please watch the commercial below and then get back to us if you will be a buyer or a hater. Cannot wait to see what you all say


2 thoughts on “Apple iPad Commercial Video shown at Oscars, still a giant iPhone”

  1. I think Apple has done a great job in leading the industry. It’s just that alot of the iPad’s features are in some of their other products. I think that the iPad will lead the way in a new line of touchpad computers.

    Great post!!

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