Apple iPhone users may stay with AT&T and not go Verizon

Many AT&T customers have not been much too happy with its service and many iPhone users would even consider leaving AT&T in favour of Verizon if they got the Apple iPhone. AT&T iPhone users have to put up with the network jams quite a lot but there could be an answer underground.

Time Warner Cable Inc is putting forward to many major phone companies like Verizon Wireless, AT&T, and new service that allow mobile calls and Web downloads underground, this would make data congestion of iPhone and other smartphone users a lot smoother.

The word for such a service called ‘wireless backhaul’ is growing very fast indeed and so much so, that sales from wireless carriers could reach a possible $3.6 billion in 2012. Smartphone’s are pretty much taking over the world and becoming one of the most popular products in the world, and because of smartphone popularity, data congestion is going to get worse.

The Apple iPhone alone eats twice as much capacity of other smartphones; please let us know the answer to this question “Would you stay with AT&T iPhone rather than go over to future Verizon iPhone if AT&T better its network?”

For more information about Time Warner Cable and wireless backhaul, please visit Business Week.

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4 thoughts on “Apple iPhone users may stay with AT&T and not go Verizon”

  1. at&t says:

    you guys should know that if at&t expands its network and you go to Verizon then you are ignorant at&t has a technology thats way greater than Verizons its up to 3 times as fast its called GSM network technology at&t has made an agreement to its customers that by 2011 its networks will be 85% 3g compatible meaning that they are upgrading every single tower to 3g

  2. TomT says:

    I have been a long time customer of Verizon until I was forced to go with AT&T because of my iPhone Purchase. Verizon has it problems, believe me, and now with their ETF doubling, I am not that much in a hurry to go back to them. Customer Service was marginal at best, I went through 6 Treo replacements, mostly because Verizon Tech Support just gave up and was easier to just hope that replacing the phone woule fix everything. Both companies have their problems, it’s just a matter on which one will give you the better service and the least amount of headaches. We do pay a premium for these Voice / Data packages and the quality of service should be on par with these ridiculous pricing plans and the 2 year contracts needed.

  3. Kevin AT&T PROUD COSTUMER says:

    Lol to many unhappy customers huh?? Where the F do y’all come up with this? I’ve had no problems with them and if the iPhone does go to verizon, well apple just lost a customer and prob MUCH MORE…you and all the people that voted for this and wrote this must work with verizon..ohh and FYI I’ve never had a data jam or any jam at all get ur facts straight before ya make a statement…hmmm just like how verizon talked about at&ts coverage map they didn’t and don’t know the facts at all..just a sad way to try and get the iPhone from the best service in the nation… So that note kiss my AT&T a$$..

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