Gigabyte GSmart Android 1.6 Codfish handset gets pictured

There aren’t that many Gigabyte mobile phones as Gigabyte is more know for their motherboards than smartphones, but they have announced a new handset, the Gigabyte GSmart Codfish, reports an article over on pointgphone.

Spec wise the Gigabyte GSmart Codfish G1305 handsets sports a 3.2 inch display, a 5 megapixel camera and runs Android 1.6 operating system, but other than that there isn’t a great deal known.

The article does state though that the Gigabyte GSmart Codfish G1305 smartphone is very responsive and has good manufacturing quality and that’s it, nothing else.

As for availability and pricing, well that also remains a mystery at the moment, the only thing I do hope with this smartphone is that Gigabyte has the common sense to change the naming of the handset before it hits the market; I mean who wants a smartphone called Codfish?

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