Poll: Should Apple launch iPhone 4G or Verizon iPhone first?

Sorry if we go on but we really want to know your thoughts about the Verizon iPhone and of course iPhone 4G (Being it 4G network or 4th generation iPhone).

Below is a poll we have started and all you need to do is vote for what you want, Apple are right up there in the way of dominance when it comes to its devices, and the iPhone is one of the best devices ever to be released, but there is still room for more sales and they know that.

You do have the Nexus One Google Android phone and of course the Droid, but yet still nothing tops the iPhone. All our readers and many other readers on other sites keep going on about the Verizon iPhone and the iPhone 4G but we are all getting nowhere with any solid facts.

If you take into consideration being it the iPhone 4G or a new Verizon iPhone release, either one will be good for Apple and of course its carriers, but this does not tell us what you would prefer first and this is why we are running our very own poll.

Please do cast your vote below and maybe Apple will do something about it, so should Apple launch iPhone 4G or Verizon iPhone first?

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8 thoughts on “Poll: Should Apple launch iPhone 4G or Verizon iPhone first?”

  1. Simon Ings says:

    Apple need 4th generation out ASAP prefereably with greater memeory capacity or the option to add micro SD, faster CPU’s and at least 7Mb main camera, with video calling functionality. If ask for top dollar you got to provide top spec and LG, Nokia, HTC and Samsung will all have viable alternatives in the near future……..

  2. danheb says:

    Without a doubt the 4G iPhone.

    As long as Apple has AT&T in the cable to preserve its exclusivity on the iPhone, Apple can get some pretty good concession from the carrier (Skype over the 3g Network, Tethering, good data plan for the iPad…)
    As soon as this exclusivity will end Apple won’t have the same negotiation power over At&T.

    The next iPhone to show the industry that are comparing their new smartphone with last year iPhone that they’re still ahead of them…to reset their clock right.

    Verizon has only itself to blame for missing on the iPhone they refuse the exclusivity back in 2007 when offered!!! They can wait a bit longer…

  3. Heath says:

    Danheb is an idiot. AT&T SUCKS! They have proved to everyone that Verizon is better. Alltel was better than ATT. Why would anyone be interested in a 4th gen iPhone if it’s going to run on America’s Slowest and most Unreliable Network (ATT) Put it on Verizon, or for a real shocker/savior, put it on Sprint and watch them grow. Alltel upgraded my po-dunk Arkansas town w/ 3G in August 2006, AT&T plans to launch 3G here in 2011-2012. So why would Apple waste their time with a company and network that refuses to even try to keep up? They have one thing on Verizon, talk and surf at the same time (ONLY when in a 3G area) And honestly, what does that matter? If I have to look something up, I hang up the phone, look it up, call back…same thing I would do if I didn’t have to. ATT ran out of things they can do/say so they have to make unimportant things seem so special.

  4. Carlos says:

    The iPhone 4G should be released first. AT&T isn’t as bad of a company as Verizon makes them look on ads. AT&T does need to improve service and 3G speeds a bit, and it does look like they’re making an effort to do so. With competition getting fierce, Apple should offer the iPhone to T-Mobile (it should be easy since they too use SIM cards) and in the near future open it to the other two major carriers – Sprint and Verizon …but first release the iPhone 4G through AT&T and allow AT&T to improve their image and eliminate the false ideas Verizon has created of AT&T’s image.

  5. Ruffinius says:

    The iPhones in my area are itouch devices because they can’t be used as reliable cell phones. It’s embarrassing when the 20 dollar pay as you go cell phone reduces the 3GS to a brick.

  6. Dan says:

    Heath, sry to say you’re the idiot. Danheb is right on the money. Sure it sucks for you where 3G isn’t available, but I rather the iPhone stay on AT&T even though I suffer more drop calls than I wish to know.

    AT&T is trying to grow its network and fast even though for you its not fast enough. I’m about 25 miles from NYC let me tell you when I do speed tests against other smart phones on the Verizon Network like the Palm Pre and other Samsung touch phones, my iPhone beats them all out. AT&T is not the slowest 3G network at least not in my area.

    So yes, for you it would be attractive for Apple to open it providers, but lets be frank. Verizon has a history with too much control over there handsets and super high termination fees.

    I don’t think you’re an idiot I would be upset if I were in your shoes.

  7. hyfidelity 808 says:

    Apple needs to stay with AT&T. Personally I haven’t had too many issues with reception and/or the occasional call drops. For the most part, AT&T has been treating my wife and I very well. AT&T is the only cellphone company that doesn’t charge GUAM calls as an International Call…as long as your calling from the U.S. Roaming on the other hand is a different story. The roll over feature is wonderful…I don’t see any other cell phone companies have that feature…I’m sittin’ pretty with a 2-3 thousand minutes of rollover. Do I ever go over my minutes?? Hardly….but when I do, I have ample cushioning.

    A buddy of mine is with Verizon and he’s constantly upgrading phones…and every phone he gets is like an iPhone imitator.

    If you don’t own an iPhone by now, then you’ll never know the full capabilities of the phone. When the first gen iPhone came out, I bought a “Stylus” type of phone because of the 3G capabilities/keypad….after many screen scratches, upgraded to the iPhone 3G….and love it.

    I agree with Simon though…the 4G better pack a hell of a haymaker. There’s much to be expected.

    On another note…Apple’s waiting until all the OG 3G user’s AT&T contracts are up or eligible for upgrade…hehehehe

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