BlackBerry Warning: BBM service users being watched

It is quite apparent that there are some Middle Eastern Countries that have a kind of love hate relationship with BlackBerry handsets as reported over on itp.net

There are some people in the region that do simply love their BlackBerry mobiles and wouldn’t want to change. Recent research carried out by Motally has stated that most people in the middle east browse the internet using their BlackBerry 8520 handset.

This means it is one of the few regions in the world where BlackBerry has the advantage over the Apple iPhone. For some reason there seems to be an obsession in monitoring what people text or email on their devices.

It emerged just last week that Saudi Arabia’s Communication and Information Technology Commission otherwise known as CITC had asked Canada based RIM to allow the telecoms regulator to monitor messages sent on the BBM service. When using this messaging service it allows BlackBerry owners to share their messages with other BlackBerry owners.

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