HTC Supersonic Captured on Video

We get a visual view of the latest smartphone out of the HTC camp today in the form of the HTC Supersonic smartphone which was earlier captured on video but was unceremoniously pulled from YouTube, but we have that one and another video of the HTC Supersonic for your viewing pleasure today.

Unfortunately the latest HTC Supersonic video is a blurry cam attempt so doesn’t deliver a clear view and there’s also no commentary, and just why the guys shooting the video felt he needed to wear gloves is a mystery, perhaps he didn’t want to leave any fingerprint evidence.

The video last only 42 seconds and mostly shows the rear of the HTC Supersonic handset, so we new know it will be white, and we do get a quick shot of the camera and speaker grill, and it does say HTC Supersonic on the back so must be the real deal right?

The second video you may have been lucky enough to view before it was pulled, but if not you can grab a look-see right now by hitting up the videos below which come courtesy of the guys over at androidmobileos.com enjoy.

Source – Engadget

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