iPhone 4G vs. Apple iPad, what do you want?

The Apple iPhone has without a doubt been the most successful smartphone to date; even those that knock the iPhone at least have to admit that. With the iconic iPhone sitting on the smartphone throne, it is obvious rivals are eager to come up with the elusive iPhone killer.

However, according to an article over on shutter voice, with the rumours of the iPhone 4G hitting the net waves and Apple promoting their latest creation the Apple iPad, people are becoming a tad confused over whether to purchase the iPad or wait for the iPhone 4G.

Rumour has it that the next generation iPhone, the iPhone 4G which it has become known, will command a lower price tag than the Apple iPad, while the features within the iPad are much the same as in the iPhone with the basic difference being size.

So it looks like there will be a battle for the Apple crown as the Apple iPad takes on the iPhone 4G, which could lead to the Apple iPad becoming the elusive “iPhone killer” every rival is looking for, now wouldn’t that just be ironic? So readers what do you want, iPhone 4G or Apple iPad?


2 thoughts on “iPhone 4G vs. Apple iPad, what do you want?”

  1. Lauren says:

    Iphone 4g but i worry that it won’t come out this summer. There are rumours all ove rthe internet but im just not sure. My current phone (a sumsung tocco) is on a contract which finishes on 14th april, and i am in such a muddle about what to do, because i really want an iphone but if i get the 3gs, and the 4g comes out 2 months after and kicks ass, i’ll be really angry. However i can’t wait for it because i’m so impatient. x

  2. blink says:

    Ill probably still purchase the ipad. since it has still a lot of uses that the size of the screen of the iphone cant give. Then, if the iphone 4g really really really is amazing, then ill buy that too, when it comes out. If it disappoints, ill get the nexus one.. i know.. so sad.

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