Apple HTC Suit Meant to Disrupt Potential iPhone Killers

Well now according to Oppenheimer’s Yair Reiner, he believes that the lawsuit by Apple against HTC over iPhone patent infringement was a warning shot which was meant to disrupt rival roadmaps reports an article over on tipb.

The article goes on to quote about Apple launching a series of C-Level discussions with tier 1 handset makers to basically have a whinge about their displeasure at anyone daring to infringe on their iPhone related intellectual property.

Then it follows on with “Our checks also suggest that these warning shots are meaningfully disrupting the development roadmaps for would-be iPhone killers.”

This is followed with top tier manufacturers are holding off implementing multitouch, but Apple could assume they are holding back to see what Apple’s response to HTC and Motorola was and if Apple remained silent it would be seen a green light to go ahead and especially after Google enabled the nexus One with multitouch.

So I guess what he is saying is that Apple’s suit of HTC over infringement is a warning to any potential manufacturer of an hopeful iPhone killer to back off and don’t use multitouch; what do you think?

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