Nokia Make Ovi Mail 2.0 Available

Not too long after Nokia pushed out Ovi Maps 3.04, Nokia has release Ovi Mail 2.0 which reportedly makes it easier to access a user’s email, carry out tasks, and sync a Nokia smartphone with your computer, reports an article over on noknok.

With the latest version of Ovi Mail, comes several extra features and a change to the interface with one of the biggest changes with Ovi Mail 2.0 being the inclusion of Arabic.

Although the inclusion of Arabic won’t matter to most it does mean that for Arabic to be included Nokia had to redesign the interface to accommodate the reading from right to left language.

However, more importantly to most Nokia users is the inclusion to merge mail contacts into one list, which means when using Ovi Mail 2.0 the user can create, view, edit, and remove contacts and will sync faster to the user’s existing phonebook, and Ovi Mail contacts.

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