Video: HTC Touch Pro2 Runs Ubuntu

Looks like mobile phone modders love modding Windows Mobile handsets to run numerous operating systems, and the latest of these mods appears to be with the HTC Touch Pro2 and has been modded to run Ubuntu, which is a flavour of Linux.

Ubuntu is usually intended for desktop computers and laptops, but this particular hacker wanted Ubuntu on their HTC Touch Pro2 for whatever reason, probably just because it was there, and apparently it is said to work rather well.

As you are probably aware the HTC Touch Pro2 id the successor to the HTC Touch Pro and feature similar specs to the Touch Pro such as GPS, WiFi, and the like but with an upgraded WVGA display.

Anyway enough of me rattling on, the video lasts just over the three minute mark and comes courtesy of the guys over at pocket now, so all that remains is for you to head on down below and check it out…enjoy.

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