Video: HTC Touch Pro2 Now Runs Android

Yesterday we have the Windows HTC Touch Pro2 running Ubuntu on video, and today we have another such video, this time of the HTC Touch Pro2 gaining some Android love and attention by the guys behind the XDAndroid project.

They tested Android on a CDMA Sprint HTC Touch Pro2 handset and say the results are astonishing and apparently suffered no difficulties when making or receiving a call, or receiving an SMS or browsing the web.

The HTC Touch Pro2 with Android video lasts almost seven and a half minutes and delivers a good overview of what Android on the HTC Touch Pro 2 handset is capable of, although there are still some limitations such as Bluetooth, and GPS.

Okay, enough of me you can head on down to the video below which comes courtesy of the guys over at pocket now; so hit it up and enjoy.

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