AT&T Feature Phones Gain Web Services

It appears that the Big Blue is introducing online services which make it possible to perform tasks that are usually associated with smartphones available to low end feature phones, with services including messaging, address book, sharing and transferring of photos and video with a home computer, other mobile phones and social networking sites such as Facebook reports information week.

The word is there will be four AT&T branded handset that the new services will be initially available to, the Samsung Strive which commands a price tag of $20 on a 2 year contract, then on the 21st of March the Samsung Sunburst for $40 on a 2 year contract.

These AT&T Samsung phones will be followed by the Pantech Link available in a few weeks and then the Pantech Pursuit sometime in the summer. All of the said handsets sport a keyboard and what AT&T call quick messaging phones.

Apparently the web based services for feature phones is an attempt by AT&T to build customer loyalty around their brand. The AT&T online address book enables the user to store contacts on AT&T’s servers, and if a user changes their handset the contacts can be downloaded to their new phone.

The AT&T messaging service enable users to send messages to up to ten contacts along with organizing conversations into treads, send photo and video messages or direct to social networks along with online storage.

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