New Verizon Motorola Droid System Update: Enhancements and Improvements

DROID by Motorola Update: Verizon today has just posted a brand new Motorola Droid system update that will feature enhancements and improvements.

You will be able to benefit more on your Android smartphone thanks to this new update (software version AP: ESE53/BP: C_01.3E.03P), you can check out the Verizon support page where they have plenty of details for you to read.

Enhancements includes: Pinch-to-zoom, Google Maps, New Weather and News application, New support for voice-to-text entry, New Gallery application with 3D layout, Live Wallpapers and much more.

Improvements include: Free Yahoo! Mail is now supported, Google Maps update, Personalized suggestions and synchronized starring with desktop maps.google.com, New night mode in Google Maps Navigation, Improved pattern-lock functionality, Improved handset audio when disconnecting a wired headset and Email accounts no longer need to be re-entered after an over-the-air update.

Once again for more information please visit Verizon Website; please let us know what you think about this update, thanks.

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