Release date around the corner for the HTC Supersonic

It is expected that Sprint the mobile phone carrier will soon unveil officially its first mobile to include WiMAX connectivity. A recent report over at news.softpedia.com gives us some more information.

The device is none other that the much talked about HTC Supersonic and what’s more it has been spotted in an internal warehouse system, some actually speculate that as the device emerged in a warehouse equipment list the unveiling could be as soon as next week.

The device has been labelled as the HTC A9292 which we expect to be the HTC Supersonic, the device has been described as a WIMAX BAR PHONE which of course points in the direction f the rumoured HTC Supersonic handset.

The Supersonic for those that haven’t heard is expected to come with a much desired 4.3 inch touchscreen display with WiMAX and CDMA connectivity. An FM radio, optional joystick and of course much more. We can except it to also come with Google’s Android operating system o board as well which makes this desirable by many.

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