Tiles, Hubs, and More Revealed in Windows Phone 7 Emulator

It appears that some clever clogs has now managed to unlock the ROM image in the Windows Phone 7 Series emulator and in doing so has given the mobile world a glimpse at a few missing features which were shown at MWC 2010 and MIX10.

Apparently Dan Ardelean is the clever clogs who successfully unlocked the Windows Phone 7 ROM and has published a “modified version” of the “BIN” file which get rid of the locks Microsoft put in place.

It took Dan six hours along with a great deal of digging and has apparently removed the link to the “BIN” file as Microsoft may get annoyed, so you can’t check out what is available for yourselves.

However the guys over at pocket now, did manage to download the “BIN” file before it was pulled and installed it to find the user can interact with live tiles, check out hubs, play around with voice search and use some of the preloaded apps.

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