2nd Half 2010 MetroPCS will Launch LTE Network

LTE is the big thing this year and it’s not just the big boys over in the US who are switching to LTE networks as according to an article over on intomobile, although MetroPCS has only 6.6 million subscribers they are going to launch an LTE network sometime during the 2nd half of the year.

Furthermore on launch, MetroPCS customers will be able to purchase the Samsung SCH-r900 handsets, which is the world’s first dual mode LTE/CDMA mobile phone.

Unfortunately though at this time there are no details on just what the Samsung SCH-r900 handset will actually offer the customer and as expected there is no word on what the handset will cost the customer.

The article does speculate though that beings MetroPCS has such a small geographical footprint, they could possible be the first mobile phone operator to launch LTE in 2010 because they have lass towers to upgrade.

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