Windows Phone 7 for HTC late 2010

Some really good news from Peter Chief Executive Officer of HTC as he has confirmed that they have every intention of releasing a Windows Phone 7 Series devices by the end of the year.

The comment from Chou ends the speculation that HTC may drop the new Operating system until Microsoft permit custom UI’s.

Microsoft for those of you that didn’t know, have very strict rules for what can and what cannot go on their new Windows Phone 7 operating system and for one home brewed user interfaces are strictly forbidden a total no no.

Although this means that no manufacturer will have the right to customise the Windows Phone 7, Microsoft can deliver uniform user experience throughout numerous devices. Fear not though since Peter Chou has confirmed during the CTIA that they are excited about making a Windows Phone 7 device and he expects it to be on the shelves before the end of the year. Have to say we’re excited too. Could he be referring to the HTC Obsession which spilled a couple of months ago. Source – gsmarena.com via intomobile.com

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