MetroPCS to Beat Verizon to first 4G LTE Phone Launch

With Verizon Wireless being the number one and largest carrier over in the States, and also pushing ahead with their new LTE network rollout, one would expect the Big Red to be the first to push out a 4G LTE mobile phone, but apparently this isn’t the case.

According to an article over on the Las Vegas Sun, MetroPCS Communications intends to be the first wireless carrier to intro a 4G phone that runs on the LTE network.

Apparently the 4G LTE handset will be supplied to MetroPCS by Samsung, although Samsung wouldn’t offer any details on the 4G LTE phone. MetroPCS may well beat Verizon Wireless to the launch of a 4G LTE phone due to them being much smaller and limited rollout than the Big Red.

Verizon plans to launch LTE in 25 to 30 cities by the end of this year however the first devices will be laptop modems with mobile phones following in 2011.

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