iPad users could make use of Apple’s MobileMe

According to an article over on macdailynews via crn, the best improvement Apple could make to their MobileMe is to make it available to the Apple iPad which launches on the 3rd of April, and the iPad should make MobileMe easier to manage and navigate.

Apparently a case in point is the calendaring feature which Apple demonstrated on the iPad whereas on the a web page and on the iPhone MobileMe calendaring options make it hard for the user to navigate from Google calendaring or Outlook.

With the iPhone the user cannot tilt the calendar to landscape and flip through pages just like a real calendar; however with the new iPad that all changes.

With the iPad, MobileMe’s iDisk becomes a great deal more useful and the iPad is everything goes to plan will deliver access to cloud based data which means if you purchase a 32GB iPad you’ll get a further 20GB access via MobileMe; for the full article hit up the link above.

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