Twitter and Facebook on iPhone, How do you use them?

Just like numerous smartphones these days, the iconic iPhone can access social networks, which no doubt you are probably aware of anyway, and there are many ways an iPhone user can keep up with their social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

To this end the guys over at tipb have come up with a few ways of accessing social networks, so here they are for your perusal and consideration…

First the most obvious way to access social networks is via the iPhone Mobile Safari browser which you can simply point towards any social networking website, although Twitter and Facebook do deliver iPhone optimised versions and can be tapped through to the full sites.

iPhone apps from the App Store such as the official Facebook app is another way and also numerous third-party Twitter applications. With either way you choose to access your social networks via your iPhone be it by iPhone Safari or by application you’ll be able to update your status, share photos, Twitter pictures, Facebook galleries, share gaming and all the usual gear associated with social networking.

So how do you use your iPhone social networking, do you use iPhone Safari or a third-party app?

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