New Sony Ericsson Auron 10MP Camera, HD Video concept

It’s not just the iPhone that is getting concept reports as now we have a Sony Ericssson concept smartphone called the Sony Ericsson Auron reports an article over on concept-phones who gained the information via esato.

The Sony Ericsson Auron concept packs a 10 megapixel camera which supports HD video capture, possibly a cool interface and LED flash, and sports a full touch screen display, but other than that there’s no more info available on this Sony Ericsson Auron concept.

Not too sure if we’ll ever see the Sony Ericsson Auron smartphone actually hit any stores as it is just a concept, but not too sure why it would carry a 10 megapixel camera when 12 megapixels are available.

Still who knows the wonderings of these smartphone concept designers and what they think should be in the latest smartphone concept; not a bad looking smartphone though.

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