Verizon HTC Incredible and Nexus One Release pushes Palm Out

When you look at all the news covering Verizon and its HTC Incredible and Google Nexus One releases, it makes you wonder if Palm is getting pushed out to make room for the new handsets.

The reason we say this is because we have already reported that Verizon has cut the prices way down on the Palm Pixi Plus and the Palm Pre Plus to $29.99 and $49.99, these Palm handsets come with a two-year contract and will be sold on a “buy one free one” basis according to Oz Car Guide.

The HTC Incredible is sitting in warehouses waiting to be released to the public, we mentioned this week that there are currently around 150,000 Incredible devices sitting there waiting.

We do not know anything about the release dates on any of these new phones coming to Verizon, nor do we know about the pricing. We will keep you updated, wonder when Verizon will get the Apple iPhone, and negotiate away as they say.

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