6 iPhone OS 4.0 Videos: Multitasking, Folders, Game Centre and More

Yes folks what we have for you today is a collection of no less than six video demos of the new iPhone OS 4.0 in action for your viewing pleasure and all come curtsey of the guys over at daily mobile and mount up to roughly nine minutes of iPhone OS 4.0 features viewing.

The iPhone OS 4.0 videos have been posted by the guys over at the daily iphone blog, and cover Multitasking, Folders, Game Centre, Digital Zoom, and others.

Okay you can scrap all that as I just checked out the videos and for some reason half of them have been removed by the user, and I try not to post non-working videos, which means we are now down to just three videos of iPhone OS 4.0 action which is a bit disappointing, so my apologies for that.

Anyway you can view the remaining iPhone OS 4.0 video demonstrations below, that is of course as long as the user doesn’t remove them as well so my suggest is to hit play quickly and enjoy.

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