iPhone OS 4 Apple Game Centre: Should gaming networks worry

Announced yesterday along with other updates was Apple’s Gaming centre network at the iPhone OS 4.0, but what about those other companies that are already running successful social networks for the platform. Most gamers out there that currently use Apple’s iPod Touch, iPhone and now the iPad are more than likely looking forward to the launch of the Gaming centre Network from Apple.

Apparently not all companies are disheartened by the news as Simon Jeffrey Ngmoco’s (the maker of popular games including Touch Pets and Rolando) chief publishing officer has stated that the company has anticipated this move from Apple for a while and that it should bring with it a cleaner developer and consumer experience.

Okay so what about the Plus+ implementation which has been built into over 75 titles? Well Jeffrey has said that Plus+ is all about empowering monetization and discoverability mechanisms and they have clearly demonstrated with games such as We Rule that these mechanisms work. The good news is that Apple plans to offer within its Game Centre. Plus+‘s implementation was there to show you what your friends were playing as well as showing you new games that have been launched.

So would that imply that the Plus+ is going to be much more focused on advertising and the metrics of what users out there are doing with the applications? If that is right then that is another area where Apple have delved into with the iAds platform. Jobs went to real lengths to show off what iAds would look like during yesterdays event but kept quiet on what information would be passed back in the direction of the developer.

The founder of Social gaming network Geocade James Caralis has said to CNET that Apple’s Game Centre was expected but that Geocade has been designed from the inception with support for Android, BlackBerry, Palm, iPhone, iPad and any other device which is capable of displaying a web page within a game.
Source – cnet.com

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