iPhone OS 4 Compared to Windows Phone 7

Well the news about what iPhone OS 4 will bring has new hit the net and obviously the next thing to do is gain some comparison with another operating system and this happens to be another of the hottest operating systems around, Windows Phone 7.

The comparison between iPhone OS 4.0 and Windows Phone 7 has been compiled by the guys over at seattlepi and delivers a side by side comparison between the two mobile operating systems “to the extent of their knowledge.”

So lets take a look at some of the main points…multitasking; iPhone OS 4.0 implies support for all applications while WP7 has support for select default applications much like former iPhone OS versions.

Social networking; iPhone OS 4.0 now offers social media generally in independent apps along with contact sync in Facebook. Windows Phone 7 offers deep social media integration combined with contacts in the People Hub.

As for gaming; well iPhone OS 4.0 is said to offer an unproven Games Centre social network with a large depository of popular mobile games while WP7 has integration with the popular Xbox Live service along with a device specific ecosystem.

Adobe Flash, well we all know where Apple stands on that, and although WP7 doesn’t support Flash it may do in the future. Advertising now come via iAds in iPhone OS 4.0 but what advertising Microsoft uses is currently unknown.

The iPhone OS 4.0 vs. Windows Phone 7 comparison has quite a bit more being compared between the two operating system in a comparison list which you can view by following the link to their website above.

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