Videos: Microsoft Project Pink KIN User Interface Walkthrough

Well it didn’t take long for all the info to hit the net waves with the new Project Pink phones from Microsoft, the KIN One and the KIN Two and we have the latest videos for your viewing pleasure from the guys over at engadget.

There are four cool KIN videos in all the first being what they call KIN Spot which they say is at the bottom of the screen and is a virtual ”binding” in Courier whereby you can drag all kinds of stuff into it. The second video is KIN Loop which is the home screen that shares quite a bit with Windows Phone 7.

The third video in the collection is KIN Camera, and of course is all about social networking and you can upload direct from the application and can even mix between videos. The last K video is KIN Studio, which apparently lets you do everything you can do on your handset.

It’s far better for you to simply hit up the video which can be found below and check them out rather than me rattle on trying to explain it all so I’ll just let you get to it and enjoy Microsoft KIN.

Well for some reason the last video, KIN Studio can’t be embedded so I guess you need to nip over to engadget to check that one out, but do come back and let us know what you thing.

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