iPhone OS 4.0 screenshot reveals new devices, Possible Verizon CDMA

iPhone hacker iH8sn0w has found new references that reveal new devices; you can see the screenshot via sources below that shows you the new discoveries.

These references for the next-generation iPad, iPhone and iPod touch were found in the iPhone OS 4 firmware, this is very exciting and we will explain why.

The name “iPhone 3,1”, “iPhone 3,2” and “iPhone 3,3”, there is speculation that these names could point towards a new Verizon CDMA iPhone.

The list also shows the mysterious iProd, which we have mentioned before here. As soon as we here more about the above we will let you know, do you think the Verizon CDMA iPhone will come to the surface?

For more information and to see the screenshot, please visit UberGizmo and RedmondPie.

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