BlackBerry Smartphone Lie Almost Lands Model in Jail

The lesson to be learnt here is if you mislay your BlackBerry smartphone don’t go telling your insurer you were mugged and it was stolen, which is what Channel 4 reality TV show Beauty and the Geek former contestant and model Hayley Dixon did reports an article over on the Telegraph.

Unfortunately for Dixon the police investigated and the “stolen” BlackBerry was handed to them by gym staff where Dixon had left the device on the 15th of February at the Fitness First gym in Harrow.

Dixon was then prosecuted for wasting police time and was branded “foolish” by magistrates after she pleaded guilty and received a 12 month suspended sentence along with an order to pay $85 costs and £500 compensation.

Dixon has informed the court that she had panicked when she thought she’d lost the £200 smartphone for which she was not insured against loss and thus told the insurer she had been mugged.

Image courtesy of android-me

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