HTC Droid Incredible for Verizon Gains In-depth Review

Pretty much everything to know about the latest Android smartphone to hit the Big Red network is already known; and Mark has posted the low down on the full official pricing of the HTC Droid Incredible today. However the guys over at the boy genius report have now taken the next step and posted their review of the HTC Droid Incredible smartphone.

The HTC Droid Incredible review is a fairly lengthy in-depth look at the Android 2.1 handset and takes in such things as the hardware and design, which they say is relatively unique as far as design goes, the HTC Droid Incredible screen, which they say is incredibly responsive.

They also cover the HTC Droid Incredible’s operating system along with the HTC Sense UI, (which can be seen in a video debut walkthough that we posted the other day right here); the phone itself of which they say makes loud and clear calls, then they touch on corporate and Microsoft Exchange support, followed by the performance of the smartphone.

Then they hit on the battery, multimedia and camera, and finalise with their conclusion on the HTC Droid Incredible which they say they couldn’t recommend a better phone on the Verizon network at this time. So for the full on review head on over to the BGR but be sure to come back and let us know your views.

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