iPhone 4G HD To Pack Glass Radio Transparent Backing and SoC

Over the past few days several speculations and images have hit the net concerning the next generation iPhone, from images which reportedly show the real deal iPhone 4G and the possibility of iChat and video calling, and even that the iPhone 4G will be called the iPhone 3GS2.

There has also been mention from daring fireball that the new iPhone 4G will actually sport a glass backing which will be radio transparent and mentions some old futuristic ceramics paten by Apple, reports an article over on tipb.

Apparently according to the 2006 Apple patent, the backing will be glass-like but much stronger and more scratch resistant, but the question is will a glass-like backing be tough enough for everyday use including the odd drop?

Also mentioned in the article is that the guys over at 9to5mac say Samsung looks to have confirmed Apple will use the Samsung system-on-s-chip in the iPhone 4g, like Apple does with the A4 in their iPad.

Update: We have been advised to take new iPhone 4G images down, sorry for the inconvenience

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