5 Hot Challengers to New iPhone 2010

Since the first arrival of the iconic iPhone there hasn’t been another smartphone come out that has come close enough to take the smartphone crown from the iPhone, although there have been a few purported “iPhone killers” but not have managed to do the job.

However, according to an article over on the street they thing they have come up with five of the hottest smartphone that stand a chance of challenging the iPhone and the new iPhone 2010, iPhone 4G, iPhone HD, iPhone 3GS2 which is the latest name being touted as we reported the other day..

So here’s what they believe; first up it the HTC Droid Incredible, they say the HTC Droid Incredible arriving on the 29th of April on Verizon is two whole months before a new iPhone surfaces and could well prove beneficial in the market share game and will not hurt Verizon stock.

The next hot iPhone challenger is the Sprint HTC EVO 4G smartphone and due to it surfing the WiMAX network it will be the fastest smartphone around and Sprint could play the tech card with this when looking at AT&T’s network reputation with the iPhone.

Then there is the Research In Motion BlackBerry Slider, I’m not too sure why they opted for this one, however they do say that the iPhone lags behind BlackBerry in the US smartphone market, but to be honest BlackBerry has come nowhere near the iPhone in the past.

Next they offer up the Nokia N8 which they say Nokia needs to deliver in the US by the holiday season, and with the iPhone 4G arriving in the summer Nokia could lose out again, so basically not much of a challenge to the new iPhone.

Lastly they roll out Microsoft’s Windows Phone, they say that once Microsoft used to be a force in mobile phones but lost great ground to the likes of BlackBerry and Apple and Microsoft is looking to regain that ground with Windows Phone 7 and it has a shot at leading mobile computing.

So there it is five of the top smartphone which could potentially challenge the new iPhone according to the street, but what do you think?

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