HTC Desire Settings Tour Video

Own an HTC Desire smartphone and want to find your way around the settings on the handset? No problem as we have for your viewing entertainment today a video tour of the HTC Desire settings which are much the same as the standard Android 2.1 but with a few extras.

The HTC Desire, which by the way is getting a movies -on-demand service from T-Mobile as we reported earlier, but I digress; the settings video last almost six and a half minutes and comes courtesy of the guys over at pocket now and shows us just how to tweak those Desire settings for a good phone experience.

From the HTC Desire settings window the user can change the scenes for the Sense homescreens, change the home wallpaper and live wallpapers, of which there are two new ones that are not on the Android 2.1 Nexus One, the HTC Sense live wallpaper and Maps live wallpaper.

Anyway enough of me carrying on as it is far better and simpler for your to skip on down to that HTC Desire settings tour video, hit play and check it out…enjoy.

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