Password System attacked on Google Inc computers

An attack on Google Inc computers back in December hit the company’s password system. The New York Times have said that the password systems which millions of people worldwide use to access almost all of the company’s web services cites one person with direct knowledge of the investigation.

Considered to be the Crown Jewel at Google the program is closely guarded, the system allows users and also employees to sign into their account with their password only once to operate different services which include email and also business applications.

It has been reported that the intruders don’t appear to have stolen any passwords of G Mail users and Google did quickly start their bolster security. Having said that the worrying thing is that the thief leaves open a possibility however minimal that intruders may find weaknesses that Google may not be aware of.

The hacking was disclosed by Google back on January 12th, and on the website it reported as having detected a highly sophisticated and targeted attack on the corporate infrastructure, which originated from China which resulted in the theft of intellectual property from Google.

Source – pcmag.com

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