Will you pre-order HTC Incredible, wait for Nexus One or iPhone?

Three smartphones for Verizon that seems to be the most searched for is the HTC Incredible, Google Nexus One and the Apple iPhone, well we want to know what will you go for.

The HTC Droid Incredible can be pre-ordered right now on Verizon’s website and will release on April 29th, the Nexus One on Google’s site says Spring 2010 release and the Verizon Apple iPhone has had a release date of December 2010 (Not sure if this is true or not).

Now seeing as Verizon has unveiled the HTC Incredible and allowing you to pre-order it, we asked you if Verizon would actually release the Nexus One anytime soon. We also said that we received an email saying Verizon will NOT get the Nexus One but WILL handle the phone plans etc, please do cast your opinions below.

We have put together a little poll below and all you need to do is vote for the smartphone you would prefer, will you pre-order HTC Incredible, or wait for Nexus One or iPhone? Your votes will allow us and other readers to decide what phone is the best for Verizon.

[poll id=”165″]

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