Apple Earnings and Stocks: If iPhone sales drop should Gizmodo pay price?

We posted earlier today that Apple has reported record iPhone sales, you can view our article on the matter (here) but basically Apple execs are shouting as loud as they can that sales of the iPhone are “staggering and at an all-time high.”

Which just goes to show how popular the iPhone is with the mobile public and that the iPhone will continue to be known as the king of smartphones for some time yet no matter what other smartphone hits the streets claiming to be an “iPhone killer,” like so many before.

Having said that, as you are no doubt aware, or if not why not, the guys over at Gizmodo posted numerous stuff outing the next generation iPhone to the mobile public, so will this have a negative effect on how well the iPhone sells from now on until the iPhone 4G hits?

The question I put to our readers today in the wake of the Gizmodo iPhone 4G mayhem is if iPhone sales drop between now and June when the new iPhone is reportedly being launched, should Gizmodo be charged by Apple for any loss of earnings, as now the public knows what to expect from the iPhone 4G they may just hold off purchasing today’s iPhone and wait for the new 4G model.


3 thoughts on “Apple Earnings and Stocks: If iPhone sales drop should Gizmodo pay price?”

  1. Cindy says:

    Thats so wrong if they do! I deff wont like apple anymore if they start doing something like that. I am waiting because I already had a feeling way b4 any of this happened.

  2. Eric says:

    Unfortunately, I have to say I was 3 days from buying the 3Gs this weekend but after seeing the report that the 4G will be out in a couple months I'll be waiting (I bought my 2G ~ 3 months before the 3Gs came out).

  3. ray says:

    well they could protect it as a confidential information in the form of industrial secrets. it's possible that a remedy would be the gains that the publisher gets by publishing the news story. (hmm though i doubt it would succeed in USA given the strong protection for freedom of press) In any case, the problem is that the guy left it there in the public, so it's possible that the industrial secrets protection is already lost.

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