Farmville Facebook Madness Coming to iPhone and Android

Could this all be true? Apparently the highly popular Farmville on Facebook is coming to a smartphone near you, which will include the iPhone, Android and iPad.

Lovers of Farmville will not only be able to play this addictive game on laptops and desktops but also mobile phones, there could be some sort of text messaging-based play could be in the works as well.

Mashable has reported that blog Supererogatory has found some interesting news about domain names such as farmvilleandroid.com, farmvilleipad.com, farmvilleiphone.com and farmvillesms.com have been registered with DNStination Inc, for those who do not know DNStination they are the third-party company that holds farmville.com.

At the moment Farmville has around 80-million users so it is about time mobile phone users got Farmville on their handsets, do you think this game will work well on phones?

Just a quick recap for you, iPhone OS 4.0 will get social with integrated Facebook, read more about that here.

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