HTC Droid Incredible Shipped Early Due To Glitch

Well now there seems to be a few lucky android lovers on Verizon’s network who have received their HTC Droid Incredible smartphone somewhat earlier than the previously reported release date of the 29th of April according to an article over on engadget.

Apparently there was some kind of glitch in the Big Red’s system that has allowed the immediate shipping of the HTC Droid Incredible that some had pre-ordered. They do note that those which have been shipped come in a packaging that says HTC Incredible rather than Droid Incredible.

There were apparent shouts of “fake” over on android forums, but to prove a point, a guy who received his HTC Droid Incredible posted a video as proof, and yes we have that video for your viewing pleasure below.

So without further ado I’ll keep quiet and let you mosey on down to see that HTC Droid Incredible video footage in all its glory …enjoy and don’t get envious.

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