HTC Uses Facebook To Pick New Phone Name

So if you have a new mobile phone but lack a suitable name for the device how do you go about naming it? Well if you are the maker of such smartphones as the HTC Droid Incredible which has recently been unboxed on video, Nexus One, HTC Desire and HTC Legend it appears you turn to social networking site Facebook.

According to an article over on mobile-computing-news, HTC is doing a touch of crowdsourcing over on Facebook by way of wanting Facebook users to choose a name for their new handset which is kind of a unique way of doing it I must say.

HTC do give for options for the preferred name of the mobile handset though and let you choose from the HTC Zeal, HTC Festi, HTV Jovi and HTC Wildfire, and also say that they are looking for a name which is “playful and full of youth.”

I have to say without knowing anything about what the phone looks like, design, specs or features my personal preference would be to go for the HTC Wildfire, to me it has a certain ring to it that puts it up with the likes of the HTC Incredible, what do you think?

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