Multitouch on HTC resistive screen honestly

Here is something that will probably start some serious talking Multitouch on a resistive screen? Honestly can this actually be possible? Well it seems so according to the report from the chaps over at Engadget.com

If we have learnt anything from the encounters with the firm known as Stantum then we should have realised that resistive multitouch is actually possible and also in some cases actually preferable to its capacitive counterpart.

Not great news if you are currently stuck in that rut with single finger commands but if you find that the phone which you own happens to be made by HTC and also running Windows Mobile then you may one day actually get to find out what a two digit input feels like.

According to Adel Al Zubeir realised that when two fingers are placed onto a single touchscreen the digitizer reads the point between the two and after a little bit of working with the figures he cooked up a programme that actually figures out the relative position of both fingers in order to allow vaguely useful pinch to zoom and other gestures. Have a look at the concept video and share your comments with us.

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